Ongar Boot Camps is a new and exciting exercise group coming to Love Lane, providing an innovative and powerful message to all.

Our classes are suitable to all levels of fitness to ensure that you have a fun, energising and feel good workout.

A great way for friends and family to burn some calories whilst being part of a community.

OBC’s aim is to help, educate and inspire others to making changes to their health and mindset and to help everyone that we come across in some way.

Do you want to get a sweat on?

Do you want to burn fat and tone up?

Are you willing to push your body to its limits?

Our purpose is to make the world aware that no matter of your insecurities; you are capable of remoulding yourself to be the exact person you have always dreamed of. Looks and mindset.

All details in regards to location, dates, times and prices will soon be posted.

If you wish to reserve your space for OBC, send your contact details to